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Dementia Care

Omaha, NE | Dementia Care – Specialty Care For Your Loved One

Home Care Assistance’s caregivers receive expert dementia care training. If you are a primary caregiver for a parent or loved one and are no longer able to provide the level of care they need, our caregivers are here to relieve you. Our caregivers work with the family, medial personnel and client to make sure all non-medical needs are being met. We offer a variety of services and specialized care plans for elderly individuals with dementia. Our clients with dementia benefit from the following services:

  • 24/7 supervision for client safety
  • Caregivers who specialize in caring for dementia patients
  • Consistency of care in a familiar home environment
  • Help with housekeeping and laundry
  • Transportation for appointments and errands
  • The Balanced Care Method™ promoting healthy living

Symptoms Affecting Seniors Suffering From Dementia

Dementia patients will experience a wide range of symptoms affecting mental, physical and emotional stability. Seniors suffering from dementia will have significantly impaired cognitive functioning. They have difficulty maintaining relationships and have lost their ability to perform simple tasks such as cooking, bathing and remembering medication. Solving problems and keeping control of their emotions are other challenges dementia patients face. They also can experience changes in their behavior and personality.

Improving the Quality of Life for Dementia Patients in Omaha

If your loved one is suffering from dementia and could benefit from in-home care, call us today at 402-763-9140 to speak with a Care Manager. Our Care Managers are available 24/7 to assist in all of your home care needs. Home Care Assistance in Omaha is committed to improving the quality of life for seniors suffering from dementia.