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In-Home Care Omaha Identifies Early Signs of Senior Health Issues

In-Home Care Omaha Identifies Early Signs of Senior Health Issues

The attempt to keep up with a hectic lifestyle often makes us less observant of events and changes around us. This can be especially true in family situations.  As your parent ages, it is important to observe how their daily habits and routines affect their overall wellbeing.   However, you should be aware of specific signs indicating your parent may be experiencing minor health or age related problems.  In home care Omaha identifies early signs of senior health issues that children of elderly parents should look for during visits.  Most importantly, if these warning signs are detected early, you can prevent your loved one from experiencing more serious health issues.

An easy to observe warning sign is the overall appearance of your loved one.  When you visit, does it appear that they have been taking care of themselves?  If their personal appearance looks messy and unkempt, they may be failing to keep up with their personal hygiene such as bathing, tooth brushing and other personal grooming.  Additionally, if their clothes are dirty or wrinkled when they usually maintain a clean and tidy outer appearance, they be experiencing age and health related issues including dementia, depression or possible physical impairments.

Another sign that is easy to observe revolves around their physical wellbeing.  If you notice major weight fluctuations, either losing or gaining a significant amount of weight each time you visit, poor complexion, or increased lethargy, your loved one may not be receiving proper levels of vitamins and nutrients.  The amount of food that is in the home can also be another indicator of poor eating habits.  Take an inventory of your loved one’s pantry and refrigerator.  Minimal food or a lot of expired food could indicate they have become too tired, lack the mobility or confidence in their ability to cook.

Additionally, during your visits, observe how well your loved one remembers things.  While some memory loss is understandable with aging, chronic forgetfulness can be an indicator of diminishing health.  If you notice your loved one forgets where they put things or how to operate ordinary household appliance such as the washer, dryer or microwave, assistance may be necessary.  Other indicators include forgetting to take their medication at appropriate times, not taking out the trash or stacks of unpaid bills.

As your loved one ages, they may lack the ability to notice problems or declines in their health.  It is your responsibility to ensure that if any of these warning signs occur, steps are implemented before further health problems arise.  If you are unable to devote the proper amount of time and care to your loved one, a care provider may be the ideal solution.  Home Care Assistance provides reliable and expertly trained Omaha caregivers to assist your loved one on an hourly or full time basis.  In addition to preparing nutritious and balanced meals, they assist with activities of daily living including laundry, light housekeeping and transportation for errands and medical appointments.  If your loved one experiences difficulty with personal care, they also assist with bathing, dressing, grooming and incontinence.

Omaha home care provides assistance to aging seniors as well as overwhelmed family members.  Our flexible and specialty care plans are tailored to meet the needs of our clients and their loved ones. To benefit from our variety of services and exceptional care plans, contact a Care Manager at (402)763-9140 today.