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Omaha Senior Care Encourages Household Changes for Senior Fall Prevention

Omaha Senior Care Encourages Household Changes for Senior Fall Prevention

For senior adults, a slip or fall can lead to physical injuries including major cuts, fractures and possibly result in long lasting injuries or permanent disability.  Furthermore, falls that do lead to disability tend to have psychological consequences on senior adults such as depression and isolation due to inactivity.  Omaha senior care understands the serious threats that falls pose for senior adults.  We encourage children of elderly seniors to be proactive and help their loved ones make changes to their lifestyle and home in order to prevent falls.

Physical fitness and exercise in seniors improves their strength and balance, helping decrease the chance of falling.  Children of aging adults should urge their loved one to exercise in order to maintain optimal muscle and bone health.  Simple low weight workouts in addition to daily stretching offer easy in-home exercises.  Your loved ones participation in these exercises prevents brittle bones, muscle atrophy as well as other various health issues associated with decreased physical movement.  In addition, walking is a simple form of exercise all seniors have access to.  By taking a brisk walk around the neighborhood, seniors strengthen their muscles, improve their cardiovascular system.

Another vital way to help prevent falls is to remove household hazards.  Next time you visit your loved one, look around the home and consider how you can rearrange furniture that may block or stick out into walkways.  Tuck away loose cords and remove any rugs or clutter that pose potential tripping hazard for your loved one.  Eliminating these items allows for convenient movement from one room to another.  Proper lighting also decreases the likelihood of falls, allowing your loved one to have a better line of sight as they walk through the home.  In addition, placing a lamp in each room of the home, near frequently used items or the bed, make daily tasks easier for your loved one.  For additional light, installing nightlights help for late night bathroom trips or navigation through long hallways.

Assistive devices are also an option to help prevent falls if your loved one experiences difficulty with mobility throughout the home.  Getting your loved one a walker or cane that is properly fitted to them can help them travel with more comfort and safety.  Additionally, installing assistive rails or hand-bars around the home provide additional support.  One area in particular that commonly benefits from these bars is the bathroom.  These minor additions help decrease the chance of falls from slippery tiles and inconvenient shower stalls and bathtubs.

Enlisting in the services of a home care provider is another way to prevent falls.  Caregivers provide a variety of services to assist your loved one and promote overall wellbeing.  Home Care Assistance is the leading provider of Omaha at home care, offering support for seniors from the comforts of their own home.  Whether we provide your loved one with hourly companionship or full time specialty care, we offer assistance tailored to their individual needs.  Our caregivers also assist with activities of daily living including household chores, light housekeeping, laundry, cooking and transportation for medical appointments or errands.  The compassionate and reliable care we offer provides respite to our clients and their families, ensuring maximum safety and comfort.

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