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Recommendations for Families Who Live Far Away from Their Elders

Recommendations for Families Who Live Far Away from Their Elders

The tradition for multi-generations to live under the same roof is becoming more uncommon with obligations such as employment requiring adult children to find ways to care for their elderly parent from a distance.  Long distance caregiving is difficult practically, financially, as well as emotionally.  Home Care Assistance, a provider of home care in Omaha, offers advice to help you become an effective long distance caregiver.

As a long distance caregiver, it is important you are organized.  Make sure your loved one has an easy to access file containing important medical, legal and financial records. The file should also include emergency contact numbers as well as any important insurance information.  You should also keep a copy of these documents so you can offer as much help as possible in case of an emergency.

Long distance caregivers should also establish clear lines of communication with their loved ones.  Talking with your loved one on a regular basis will help you better gauge their health and if anything seems wrong our out of the ordinary.  As your loved one begins to experience limitations as a result of age related illness, frailty or memory loss, consistent communication will help you decide if they are able to safely live without assistance from an Omaha elder care provider.

Another way to care from a distance is to ask for help from your loved one’s friends and neighbors.  If possible, ask them to check in on your loved one.  This may be able to help you understand how your loved one is doing on a day to day basis and is also a great way for your loved one to stay socially active.

If you believe your elderly parent or loved one requires assistance beyond a simple check in from a friend or neighbor, consider hiring a personal home caregiver.  Caregivers in Omaha are experienced and expertly trained in providing quality care for senior adults.  They offer assistance with activities of daily living, personal care and can also provide transportation for seniors who are unable to drive.

For adult children who provide long distance care and are constantly worried about their elderly parent, Omaha Home Care Assistance is the ideal solution.  We are the leading provider of home care in Omaha, working with professionals in both the medical and senior communities to ensure we provide the highest level of care for our clients.  Our expert caregivers provide care on an hourly or live-in basis for maximum safety and comfort.  For more information about our senior caregiving services, contact us at 402-763-9140 today.