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Omaha Home Care Encourages Physical Fitness Activities for Seniors

Omaha Home Care Encourages Physical Fitness Activities for Seniors

Exercise and physical activity helps ease the symptoms and discomforts of aging.  Studies show that exercise, when practiced regularly, elevates mood and assists in reversing a variety of health conditions.  Omaha home care encourages seniors who are looking to prevent or minimize the effects of health issues to participate in physical fitness activities.  Here are a few simple ways seniors can improve their health and overall wellbeing:

Walking is a physical activity that all seniors have access to.  Whether walking around the neighborhood or on a public path, walking allows seniors to gain strength in their lower body and cardiovascular system.  Seniors can also make the activity a social event and something to look forward to by inviting friends to come and join them.  For seniors who are looking for more of a challenge, jogging is a great option to experience a more intense form of cardiovascular exercise without needing to venture far from home.

Light weight lifting is something that can be done alone or in combination with a cardiovascular exercise for a balanced workout plan.  Weights kept around 3-5 pounds can be used for a variety of upper body exercises to ensure proper muscle function as well as to gain new muscle growth and strength.  Routine strength training offers benefits to seniors including heavier bone density and improved balance.  These benefits ultimately make activities of daily living easier to perform and enhance overall health.

Water aerobics is another great option for senior adults, combining the benefits of walking and weight lifting to produce excellent cardiovascular and muscular benefits to the body.  In comparison to running or traditional aerobics, water aerobics is less stressful on the joints.  For seniors who suffer from the pains of arthritis, water aerobic classes offer an ideal form of exercise.  The body is essentially weightless in the water, making it easier for seniors to move while still offering a light resistance workout.

Finally, gentle yoga is a form of exercise for seniors who prefer a less conventional way to workout.  Not only is it relaxing, it can assist in relieving problematic aches and pains such as a stiff or sore back.  It also helps seniors maintain or regain flexibility, an important component of physical health.  There also are many yoga instructors who are specially trained to assist senior adults in proper postures and techniques as well as assist those with limited mobility. Additionally, elder care Omaha services include professional caregivers who accompany their clients to physical fitness activities such as those listed above.

If your loved one lives independently and has, or is beginning to show symptoms of declining health, encouraging daily participation in a fitness routine can help improve their quality of life.  For seniors who are unable to perform these activities alone, Home Care Assistance provides flexible Omaha hourly care plans in addition to full time live-in plans.  Whether your loved one is looking for companionship during a walk or requires additional assistance with activities of daily living and personal care, we offer services to meet their individual needs.

Help your loved one maintain optimal physical and mental health with assistance from our expert Omaha caregivers.  Call us today at (402)763-9140 and speak with a Care Manager to set up a free, in home consultation.