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Private Hire Caregivers vs. Certified Home Care Agencies

Private Hire Caregivers vs. Certified Home Care Agencies

The decision to hire a home caregiver for your elderly parent or loved one is often accompanied by feelings of apprehension.  From concerns about the quality of care being provided to the cost of care, there are many details to consider.  If you are in search of an Omaha caregiver for your elderly parent or loved one, the following information will help you choose the caregiver that is ideal for your situation.

When hiring a caregiver, you can opt to hire a caregiver privately or through a certified home care agency.  Private caregivers generally advertise their services by word of mouth or through newspaper advertisements. These caregivers work independently and typically cost less than agency caregivers.  When looking into private hire caregivers it is important to consider the following:

  • It is your responsibility to make sure the caregiver has the appropriate training and credentials for the type of care that your elderly parent or loved one requires
  • You must carefully screen and check references to ensure the caregiver you are considering is legitimate and capable of providing adequate senior care in Omaha
  • You are responsible for creating their schedule, as well as following up with them in case they are unable to show up or need additional time off
  • If care does not work out as planned, you must have a way to deal with your problems or be able to dismiss them from their caregiving duties

The only way to guarantee that caregivers meet the above requirements is to seek the services of a certified Omaha home care agency. Certified home care agencies meet local, state, and federal guidelines for providing quality care. These agencies have a staff of professional caregivers in place to assess a client’s needs and determine the best level of home care and services that need to be provided. Reputable agencies also screen, hire and train staff to deliver compassionate and competent care to older adults, seniors with disabilities, and seniors with chronic conditions.

In addition, caregivers employed by certified home care agencies receive their pay through the agency. The agency handles all aspects of compensation and taxes providing the families with an upfront cost with no hidden fees.  Home care agencies also handle worker’s compensation claims, which reduce liability that a family might face as a result of a caregiver being injured on the job.

Home Care Assistance is an Omaha home care provider that employs a staff of certified and expertly trained caregivers.  In addition to our extensive background check, we administer an exclusive caregiver exam to help check for honesty, kindness and conscientiousness.  We also offer specialty care for seniors with Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s.  Omaha post-hospital care and stroke care is also available.  For more information about our exceptional senior care plans, contact a Care Manager at 402-763-9140 today.