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Questions to Ask at the Hospital Before Discharge

Questions to Ask at the Hospital Before Discharge

The time period following a hospital stay is considered to be the most important for seniors in regards to maintaining quality of life. Whether the reason for hospitalization was for a fall or chronic condition, elderly individuals are especially vulnerable as they recover. If your loved one has recently been discharged from the hospital, there are several home care questions that can be asked to help make for a safe and smooth transition from hospital to home.

The first question to ask your loved one’s doctor when leaving the hospital is what to expect during recovery. Recovery is often a lengthy process, and there may be specific instructions to follow regarding physical fitness exercises or dieting plans. Having a clear understanding of what items are recommended and allowed will help promote a faster recovery period. Read more about specialty post hospitalization home care provided by Home Care Assistance of Omaha.

Secondly, ask the doctor about what follow-up appointments will be needed in the days following discharge. Does the doctor want the patient to follow-up with their primary care physician? Is physical therapy needed? Communication about the elder care professionals that need to be seen will help minimize confusion and create a clear plan for recovery.

Finally, if your elderly loved one was hospitalized for an injury or a specific illness, medical equipment such as a wheelchair, walker, or shower chair may be required at home. Make sure you and your loved one have a clear understanding of what equipment is recommended, as well as how to use the equipment properly. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the products or for a demonstration if needed.

It is common for doctors to discuss discharge plans with the patient in advance so the arrangement for additional help or transportation can be scheduled prior to the discharge date. If you believe your elderly loved one may require professional assistance with their recovery at home, Home Care Assistance of Omaha Nebraska provides specialty post hospital recovery care for seniors and adults. Our expertly trained caregivers take on their patient’s activities of daily living and provide help with personal care, medication reminders, and transportation. For more information about our professional rehabilitation services or to schedule a free in-home consultation, call a Care Manager today.