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Super Six for Stairs eBook

Six Super Exercises to Strengthen the Lower Body

Reducing Fall Risk Is Critical For Older Adults

People lose muscle, bone strength, and joint flexibility as they age, especially if they become inactive. This often results in difficulty doing many things, such as climbing stairs and getting up out of chairs.  The more our muscles become weak, the less we do, the more brittle our bones become and the vicious cycle continues.  Eventually, when extreme loss of muscle strength and bone loss has occurred, a person is unable to walk unassisted and may require a walker or wheel chair.  Bone fractures are very common, and occur in as many as 30% of women over 50 and 20% of men over 50.

Fall risk rises dramatically as a person experiences losses of bone, muscle and flexibility.  In fact, 1 out of 3  people over 65 falls every year, according to the Center for Disease Control.  And unfortunately, once a person falls, their risk of falling again doubles.   One in 5 falls results in a fatal head injury.  Lower body weakness is a key factor in a higher fall risk for people over 65 and older. The CDC recommends exercises for lower body strengthening (see the download below) and tai chi.


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