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And now, brought to you by our sponsors: 50’s TV Trivia!

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The Funny Bone

1. Who was our favorite redhead and had her own show?
2. Who is was characterized by bushy eyebrows, black-framed glasses, a big nose, and a bristle moustache?
3. We made space for him in “Make Room For Daddy”
4. Well, he said “well” a lot.
5. He was in the army, a Sergeant, fact.
6. Mr. Wilson’s nightmare.
7. Ray Bolger sitcom “Where’s ____________?”

The Wild West

8. “Have _______, Will Travel”
9. He starred in “The Texan.”
10.James Garner has played this character in a both a movie and a TV show.
11. John Wayne’s trusty weapon.
12. Our name for “Kemo Sabe.”

Sing A Song

13. Theme music was Plink, Plank, Plunk for this show.
14. She sang “See the USA in Your Chevrolet”
15. His name makes you think of a kind of cherry.

Game Time

16. Host on “The Price is Right”
17. Host of “Truth or Consequences”
18. “You ____ _______ Life”
19. Would you like to be a ____________ for a day?
20. “______________ ______________’s Talent Scouts”

Scrambled Answers:
1. Cuillel Labl
2. Chorogu
3. Erryt Smatho
4. Oregoge Snurb
5. Renie Bloki
6. Neds in Chiltelm
7. Draynom
8. Gnu
9. Orry Naolchu
10. Cramkiev
11. Clot
12. Onle Greran
13. Crestes
14. Hidna  Roesh
15. Gnib Brysco
16. Luncle
17. Sweardd
18. Teb Royu
19. Neque
20.Rathur Frogdey


(Many thanks to Miles Mellor, who created the trivia questions.)

One last question: What company invented the remote control? (Zenith, called the Space Command Remote.  Wow, as neat as “Lost in Space!”)

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