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Home Care from Home Care Assistance in Bennington, NE

Your Senior Parent Does Not Have to Compromise on Home Care Quality in Bennington, NE

Bennington, NE is a lovely small town just ten miles away from the Omaha metropolis. Bennington is known for its safe, charming neighborhoods and an overall welcoming community. With lots of community events like the Farmer’s Market and community garage sales, there a lots of opportunities for senior residents to connect with neighbors while keeping quick access to the more cosmopolitan Downton of Omaha. If your senior loved one has a home in Bennington, Home Care Assistance can help them maintain an active, independent lifestyle at home while keeping them connected to the neighborhood as they age in place.

Access to the highest quality of home care is unfortunately not available to every senior across the country as first-rate and outstanding providers are few and far in between. However, here at Home Care Assistance, we believe each and every one of our mothers, fathers, grandfather, grandmothers, and other senior loved ones should be looked after and enabled, through caring and compassionate support, to live their best lives and maintain their independence without ever compromising something incredibly important – their safety.

The older adults we help maintain their independence are not just our clients. They are members of our family because we know how important it is that older adults receive assistance from individuals that truly care about them. This can be and has been life altering for the thousands of seniors we have worked with throughout the years. Compassion and dignity are at the core of our business model, and day in and day out, we are thankful for the opportunity to serve so many incredible seniors in Bennington, NE.

What truly sets Home Care Assistance apart from all the other home care providers in Bennington, NE is our Balanced Care and Cognitive Therapeutics methods. Both of these methods were designed with caring for older adults in mind. This means that we focused on ways to help older adults maintain a better balance in their lives. Our type of home care is all about a well-rounded approach to mental, emotional and physical health. A huge part of this is healthy diet and exercise. Besides a balanced, healthy approach to eating and staying active, we believe staying socially active is just as important. Human beings are social animals and we need to be part of a community to truly feel good about our lives. This does not change with age.

We also have a plan for older adults who need specialized home care. Most often, these are individuals that have received an Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia diagnosis. As part of our Cognitive Therapeutics Method, we help your loved one improve their visual-spatial perception, memory, language, and executive functioning. No cure has been found for Alzheimer’s Disease yet, but our method works towards helping your loved one live more comfortably and stay as grounded as possible as they age with their diagnosis.

To find out more about our brand of home care, please give us a call today. Our friendly representatives in Bennington, NE are always available for a chat.