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Home Care from Home Care Assistance in Bennington, NE

Home Care Assistance of Omaha Offers Home Care in Bennington, NE

The 1,500 people who live in Bennington, NE are a tight-knit group who looks out for each other. Our community may be small in size, but not in heart. Here you’ll find a proud, wholesome spirit of American enthusiasm. At Home Care Assistance of Omaha, we share that same mission. Our caregivers assist seniors with the best home care in Douglas County because we’re all about concern for the community.

Access to the highest quality of home care is not available in every small town, but Bennington means that much to us at Home Care Assistance. We’re proud to help seniors maintain an active, independent lifestyle at home while keeping them connected to their Bennington neighbors as they age in place.

Senior Care Products in Bennington, NE

We believe every senior deserves to be looked after and enabled, through caring and compassionate support, to live their best lives and maintain their independence without ever compromising safety. We achieve this through a variety of meaningful programs.

Hour-by-Hour Care

Need a break every so often? Our caregivers can fill in whenever the need arises.

24 Hour Care

If your loved one needs constant attention, you might consider taking advantage of our special around the clock care.

Post Hospital Care

We’ll make sure your loved one has a speedy recovery when they are discharged from the hospital.

Focused Care

Whether your loved one has Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, or post-stroke issues, our specialized caregivers know how to handle each delicate situation with compassion.

Want to talk about other individual needs? We’re eager to listen to your requests. Just ask us.

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From Home Care Assistance of Omaha

Our type of home care is all about a well-rounded approach to mental, emotional and physical health. A huge part of this is healthy diet and exercise. Besides a balanced, healthy approach to eating and staying active, we believe staying socially active is just as important. Human beings are social, and we need to be part of a community to truly feel good about our lives. This does not change with age.

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