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Get Your Loved One the Home Care They Need in Waverly, NE

Waverly, NE has one of the tightest-knit communities in the area. Many older adults call this wonderful town their home. If your loved one is one but they have been experiencing trouble living on their own, we can help them age in place with quality professional home care. Home Care Assistance is a senior care agency with a focus on helping older adults stay active and independent as they age. We can help your loved one continue to take an active part in their community.

When we started Home Care Assistance, our main goal was to help seniors across the country get their power back. The unfortunate fact is that as we age and lose our physical strength, we are at the danger of losing our autonomy, and in some cases, dignity as well. Many seniors have sadly experienced this and we wanted to make sure this stops happening. We believe that as a society, America has a duty to provide our aging population quality home care. Seniors are citizens just like everybody else and should have all the same opportunities. Unfortunately, many older adults do not.

Home Care Assistance is different from all the other home care agencies available in the area. Besides the fact that we treat each client as an individual and personalize their care, we also have a set of unique services. In Waverly, NE, we offer both our Balanced Care and Cognitive Therapeutics methods. Both were designed with older adults in mind, taking into consideration the needs they have.

Our Balanced Care Method focuses on ensuring that your loved one has a well-rounded life. We believe this gives older adults the opportunity to achieve greater mental, emotional and physical health. Proper diet and exercise play a major role here.

At the same time, we developed our Cognitive Therapeutics Method to help your loved one stay socially active. Human beings are social animals and staying active in our communities and in touch with our family and other loved ones are absolutely integral for proper emotional health, which can have a positive impact on the overall state of our health. We can also help individuals with an Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia diagnosis with this method by helping improve their visual-spatial perception, memory, language, and executive functioning.

Believe us when we say that Home Care Assistance is different. We will treat your loved one as the individual that they are and provide them with the home care services they need to maintain their independence without compromising their safety.

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