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The Importance of Bonding with Elderly Parents

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Caring for an elderly parent can be a challenging task, and although many resources offer advice on how to make the job easier, a key factor is sometimes left out: bonding with your senior mother or father. There are plenty of activities dedicated specifically to solidifying the bond between family caregivers and their elderly parents, and Omaha Home Care Assistance will explore some reasons and methods in this article.

Reasons for Fortifying a Bond

  • A strong bond leads to greater understanding and empathy from both the family caregiver and his or her parent. With greater empathy, both parties become more in tune with the needs of the other before misunderstandings or stress can get in the way.
  • A strong bond leads to greater friendship between an aging parent and grown child. The closer one feels to the other, the easier caregiving tasks become. Consider close relationships and how natural it feels to tend to tend to the other person’s needs, and how fulfilling it is to care for that relationship.

Bonding Activities

  • Journal together by taking a little time to write memories onto paper.
  • Scrapbook together by documenting precious memories and making new ones with fun visuals.
  • Schedule a game night to learn a new board game or enjoy a classic.
  • Try a new recipe or, better yet, be adventurous and create your own together.
  • Learn a new skill such as painting, knitting, collecting, woodworking or photography. 

As you are trying to strengthen the bond, never rush the process or push your loved one to do something he or she isn’t comfortable doing. To help ease you both into the process, contact Home Care Assistance at 402.763.9140 and allow our trained caregivers to facilitate daily activities that free up your parent’s schedule. We provide hourly or live-in care in Omaha for seniors, which gives you both the time and privacy you need to fortify your relationship. Schedule your free in-home consultation today.

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