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Can Video Games Be Good For… Seniors?

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How’s this for new ideas on “Changing the Way the World Ages?” If you think grandmas and video games are a strange combination, you are not alone.  Here’s another strange concept: we actually get a mental workout from playing video games at any age.  As a parent of two teenagers who want to play video games all day long, this fact is killing me.

In a recent North Carolina State University study, researchers tested cognitive function changes in older adults, aged 60-77, when they played video games.  What they found was quite a surprise to Omaha Elder Care.

“People who played ‘World of Warcraft,’ versus those who did not play, experienced an increase in cognitive ability, particularly older adults who performed very poorly in our first testing session,” the study’s co-author, Dr. Jason Allaire.  Who knew—sounds like the video game playing grand children out there have a new, beneficial way to connect with their grandparents!

Home Care Assistance in Omaha is dedicated to providing the most innovative and revolutionary care for seniors. We know preserving cognitive functioning improves the overall well-being of seniors and video games are a fun way to keep their minds stimulated. Call to speak with a Care Manager today about the many other ways we are helping to enhance the lives of seniors with home care.

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