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Delaying Retirement Delays Dementia?

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According to a recent study conducted by the French government’s health research organization, INSERM, a person reduces their risk of dementia by 3.2 percent for every extra year that they work. This study further suggests that staying active physically, cognitively and socially may have significant benefits for those with dementia concerns. While many senior adults welcome the idea of staying in their chosen career, others who have been looking forward to their retirement can still combat dementia by exploring new ways to stay stimulated.

  • Alter Current Working Habits

    Although recent research makes it clear that staying involved in the workforce has substantial benefits for senior adults, it does not make the claim that one must continue working full-time. At Home Care Assistance of Omaha, we encourage those who have reached retirement age to reduce their work responsibilities as opposed to giving them up, especially if they have a passion for what they do. This way, seniors have time to relax while still staying challenged!

  • Volunteer at a Community Organization

    For seniors who prefer to retire, volunteering can offer more flexibility than a traditional work environment. Many community organizations have positions available that involve spending just a few hours a week working with the public. Being able to give back to the community also helps seniors maintain a sense of self-worth and accomplishment, important components to staying happy and healthy with age.

  • Start a Stimulating Hobby

    Quilting, crossword puzzles and woodworking are all stimulating hobbies that encourage senior adults to challenge their mind to come up with solutions to the problems they encounter. Hobbies can also be selected according to one’s health and activity level so that every senior adult has the opportunity to delay dementia symptoms. If your aging loved one needs someone to enjoy their hobby with, or a little bit of encouragement for challenging activities, an Omaha caregiver may be the ideal option, offering companionship and assistance from the comfort of home.

  • Make New Social Connections

    In addition to finding ways to challenge their mind, seniors often face isolation after retirement that can impact dementia. For this reason, it is important for senior adults to continuously seek out opportunities to make new social connections that will delay dementia while providing a positive emotional response. Spending time with loved ones or joining a social group for senior adults is an excellent way to maintain one’s mental capabilities well into their golden years.

Do you have an aging loved one who is beginning to show signs of a memory related condition such as dementia? While the above activities can also help slow the progression of the dementia, specialty care that is designed to address the specific needs of dementia patients can also provide a wealth of benefits in terms of health, happiness and quality of life. Click here for information about professional dementia care in Omaha or dial 402-763-9140.

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