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Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas for Family Caregivers

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Decorating a senior’s home for Thanksgiving can be lots of fun. Omaha, NE, part-time care providers recommend creating these crafts together in order to help seniors benefit mentally, physically and emotionally. Additionally, making decorations unlocks your loved one’s creativity and strengthens his or her bond with you. These crafts don’t have to be expensive but they will definitely add some festive warmth to your loved one’s Thanksgiving décor.

Thanksgiving Wreath

Many seniors enjoy having a beautiful wreath to hang on their door. Start by getting a straw wreath, some large flowered hair barrettes and some brown burlap fabric. Cut the burlap into two-inch strips and wrap around the wreath holding them in place with a little dab of glue. Then, position the flower hair barrettes on the lower left side to add some fall color. The great news about this wreath is it is easy to change the theme by simply changing the barrettes and the flowers, so your loved one has a wreath for every season of the year.

Centerpiece for the Table

Caregivers from Omaha, NE, senior care agencies also suggest making DIY centerpieces this Thanksgiving. Simply carve out the inside of a pumpkin that is on sale after Halloween and fill it with a bouquet of flowers. The moisture in the pumpkin will help to keep the flowers fresh. Alternatively, if you want to create this centerpiece earlier, consider using fake flowers instead of live ones.

Decoration for the Wall

Help your senior loved one make beautiful wall décor this year. Start with a piece of foam board and cover it with a piece of burlap fabric. You can simply wrap it around like you were wrapping a package and tack it in place on the back with glue. Now, add stick-on letters spelling out “thanks” on top of the fabric. You might also add photos of traditional Thanksgiving foods and themes.

Interacting with seniors, especially over the holidays, strengthens family bonds and boosts your loved one’s emotional wellbeing. Learn about other activities your loved one will enjoy by calling Home Care Assistance at (402) 249-0204. We provide flexible hourly and 24-hour care Omaha, NE, families trust to look after seniors in the comfort and safety of home. Talk to a friendly Care Manager today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about our services.  

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