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Emergency Response File

Emergency Response File

Older adult parents have medical emergencies, too.*

Handling an emergency is much less stressful with all the information needed in hand.  An elder’s medical directives and living will are not much help if you cannot access them or do not know where they are.  An Emergency Response File will provide basic information for your older adult parent and important paperwork for communicating critical care wishes. All family members need to know if medical directives are in place and basic details of the documents.

Download and complete our Emergency Medical Information Form and Medication List, or go to and complete a personal health record.  Gather paper and electronic copies of advanced medical directives, living will, and any medical orders, including a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR).  A great place for this information is secure electronic file storage, such as Evernote or Dropbox. Of course, every family member who may be in a caregiving position needs access to this information.

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*In fact, the Center for Disease Control tells us 1 in 3 people over 65 falls every year, even though only about half tell their doctor about the fall. The likelihood of a second fall is double the first one.