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Enjoying the Holidays with Aging Loved Ones

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The holidays are a wonderful way to spend quality time with your family and loved ones. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that the celebratory experience is enjoyable for all those involved. Home Care Assistance of Omaha offers a few tips for how to prepare and enjoy the holidays with aging parents and loved ones.

  • Be Mindful of Scheduling

    Plan your gatherings at a time that is convenient for all your guests, including your elderly parents and loved ones. Seniors often dine and go to bed earlier than younger adults, so keep this in mind when you plan your festivities. Scheduling dinner earlier in the evening will make it so your elderly loved ones don’t have to stay up past their comfort level.

  • Organize the home

    While many hosts clean and decorate in anticipation of guests, try to remove any unnecessary clutter from the home and push furniture against the walls. This will create an open and easy to navigate floor plan for your aging loved ones, which can be especially helpful for seniors who struggle with mobility or have walking aids. If you’ve added decorations such as festive floor mats and rugs, be sure they are tacked to the floor to minimize trips and falls.

  • Create an accessible gathering spot

    Seniors want to be a part of the conversation; however this can be difficult if there isn’t a place to sit. Whether in your kitchen, the living room or dining room, create a gathering spot with plenty of comfortable seating so you’re aging loved ones can relax while still being a part of the conversation.

  • Remember dietary restrictions

    Seniors often have dietary restrictions and should limit foods high in fat, sodium and sugar. While you don’t have to scrap all your favorite family recipes, make sure there are a few healthy sides and options, and consider using salt and sugar substitutes. If you’re juggling care for an aging parent and holiday meal preparation for your family, a home ca-regiver can be a great option to help with care, cooking and any other household chores.

  • Arrange accommodations ahead of time

    If your aging loved one no longer drives, be sure to talk with your other family members ahead of time to organize who will be brining your elderly loved ones to the festivities. If you plan on inviting your aging loved ones to stay at your residence overnight, be sure that you have arranged appropriate accommodations. For instance, a downstairs bedroom will likely be most comfortable, and there should be a clear and well-lit pathway to the bathroom.

If you provide care for your elderly mom, dad or grandparent and you need a bit of extra help as we head into the holiday season, contact Home Care Assistance. We require no long-term contracts or upfront fees and offer care anywhere from four to twenty four hours a day. Click here to learn more about our at-home care services or contact a Care Manager at 402-763-9140 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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