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Buying Christmas Gifts for Senior Loved Ones

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When you are writing your Christmas gift list this year, be sure to take into consideration what you’ll be buying for your elderly loved ones. Sometimes, shopping for senior loved ones can be difficult, but Omaha home care providers can suggest some thoughtful presents to light up your loved one’s holiday. 

A Tablet 

While it may seem like an odd suggestion for a senior loved one, tablets are becoming more user-friendly these days. Many tablets are extremely intuitive and manageable for those who have no experience with technology. If your loved one isn’t opposed to learning how to use a tablet, it may be a useful option. Playing games on tablet apps can be a good way for your loved one to stimulate his or her mind, and a tablet provides simple functionality for email, photos, and voice chat so your loved one can keep in touch with friends and family. 

Photo Albums and Prints 

Consider compiling photos of family, friends, vacations and the like that would mean something to your loved one. Order prints either online through a service like ShutterFly or Wal-Mart, then buy albums or photo storage boxes and a nice pen for labeling the backs of the photos. Let your loved one enjoy labeling, organizing, and making the photo book to look through it year-round. This can be a great option for senior loved ones in the early stages of dementia or who receive Alzheimer’s home care in Omaha to help retain memories for as long as possible. 


If your senior loved one doesn’t go outside often, consider brightening up his or her Christmas with a couple of small potted plants. Winter flowers like poinsettias and Christmas cacti are good low-maintenance options. Additionally, the act of caring for something can be reassuring for an elderly loved one. There are also health benefits for seniors who care for plants due to the amount of oxygen plants produce and the purpose it provides the elderly.

A Card Box

Many seniors enjoy sending and receiving cards to friends and loved ones all throughout the year. However, the price of postage and the cards themselves is much higher than it once was, which makes the practice less affordable than it was once. If you’d like to ensure your loved one can enjoy sending cards year round, buy a divided box for all different types of cards. Be sure to include stamps, return address stickers, and envelopes as well. If you wish, you could include a nice pen or two for writing the cards with.

If you’re looking for a thoughtful present for your senior loved one this Christmas, consider giving him or her the gift of in-home care. Home Care Assistance is a trusted provider of live-in and hourly home care in Omaha with services ranging from personal care assistance and medication reminders to daily meal preparation and grocery shopping. Call a friendly Care Manager today at (402) 249-0204 to schedule a free consultation.

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