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Healthy Living: Go Outside, Just Go Outside.

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Do you ever just want to go outside?  Especially on a beautiful day, my mind can virtually pull my body outside.  Even when it is actually pretty hot outside of my nice air-conditioned office, the world of soft green grass and beautiful trees with leaves blowing in the wind tantalizes me.  If this happens to you, too, you might be interested to know there is a reason.

Humans have a relationship with nature. Scientists have proved this and in-fact, one scientist, University of Illinois researcher, Frances Kuo, says, “Staying in touch with nature is essential for our health.”  This makes perfect sense from a mental standpoint, since everyone has probably experienced the perfectly awful day that gets lightened and turned around after a walk in the park or even down a quiet residential street.

Here’s what surprised me about spending time outside–it actually helps one’s body be healthier. If like me, you have a friend who is [crazily] in training for a 300-mile bike endurance race, don’t worry, I am not talking about sitting for 18 hours on a torturous bike saddle.  As little as five minutes of the great outdoors can boost your attitude and help your body function a little more like it should.  According to a research study from England, you can pick from simple activities like these:

  • Strolling in a park
  • Ride a bike
  • Pull a few weeds in your garden
  • Toss a ball for your dog

Your immune systems gets even more benefit from your time outdoors.  Researcher Frances Kuo says, “Much like eating greens provides essential nutrients, so does seeing and being around green.  Studies have shown it helps people recover faster from illness and even supports appropriate glucose levels in diabetics.

Remember being thrilled on those rare times when the teacher actually agreed to hold class outside?  Even as kids, we knew there was something special in spending time outside on the grass.


Lee Nyberg writes outside every chance she gets.  Her musings are meant to help all people be healthier and happier.  Her company, Home Care Assistance, focuses on supporting older adults in the goal of healthier, happier longevity.


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Photo credit: Kyle Pearce, “Extra Green Grass This Year”


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