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Google Review – Terri

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Five stars just aren’t enough for this company! My Mom was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia in July 2018. My Dad, Mom, husband, and myself talked and decided we needed help with Mom physically. So we talked about and contacted some Assisted Living Facilities in our area of town. Mom & Dad weren’t quite sure they wanted to leave their home just yet, but we ALL were sure we needed help! Mom was watching TV one day and saw a commercial for Home Care Assistance, picked up her phone, and made an appointment with them, UNBEKNOWNST to my Dad or myself (my parents POA). We were SHOCKED when she told us what she had done and how soon the appointment would be. By November 2018 my Dad, my husband, and I were totally physically & emotionally exhausted!! So I contacted Julie at Home Care Assistance and asked for help. On Thursday, November 8th Julie showed up with one of the Home Care workers, Mary. They met with all of us to find out what we thought we needed, how many hours a day/week we were thinking we needed and by Monday, November 12th, 2018 our ANGEL from Home Care Assistance showed up to help all of us with Mom! Home Care REALLY tries to match your loved one with one of their employees that has similar likes, personalities, or capabilities. I didn’t really know what to expect, except we were getting help!! When I say help, that is REALLY UNDERSTATED and OVER SIMPLIFIED! Home Care employees REALLY CARED for BOTH my Mom and Dad. They treated them like family and we ALL really got attached. They cooked, cleaned, changed beds, cleaned the cat box, played games with my Mom to help her Dementia, made sure she was taking meds when she was supposed to, drinking plenty of water daily since she only has one Kidney, showering/hair washing, bathroom functions, putting on some makeup, taking them to appointments and anything else Mom/we could think of. They were ALWAYS more than willing to help with whatever came up! Sadly Mom got to a point in late August of 2019 were she/we really needed 24hr assistance. At that time we ALL agreed this meant SADLY we had to put Mom & Dad in Assisted Living. So on September 9th, 2019 we had to terminate our relationship with Home Care Assistance. To this day some of the workers who cared for my Mom/Parents and Julie still contact me to check on how my parents are doing, tell me they miss them, and still LOVE them! It is just like an extension of our family and I will ALWAYS be HAPPY my Mom made that Call!! I even share pictures of Mom & Dad with all of them. Thank you NEVER seemed enough for EVERYTHING they did and how MUCH they cared!

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