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Ways to Help Seniors Downsize

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After living a full life, many seniors end up accumulating a lot of possessions, which can become cause for concern if they need to move to a smaller home or can no longer clean up such a vast amount of belongings. Many seniors have difficulty downsizing because it is physically demanding and may require getting rid of cherished items. You can help your aging parent downsize by following these tips. 

Set Aside Plenty of Time 

It can be difficult for seniors to contemplate getting rid of their possessions, so it is a good idea to start downsizing as soon as possible. Try to bring up the need for downsizing at least a few weeks before you start. The act of downsizing can be very time consuming, so set aside plenty of time to prevent your parent from feeling rushed and stressed out. 

Parting with emotionally important things can be challenging for seniors. If your aging loved one needs support during the downsizing phase, consider a professional caregiver. For families living in Omaha, respite care can be a wonderful solution when their aging loved ones need companionship and socialization a few hours a week or just need minor assistance with daily household tasks. At Home Care Assistance, we thrive on helping seniors maintain their independence while living in the comfort of home.

Keep Track of All Essential Belongings 

It is easy to lose track of needed belongings amid the hustle of downsizing. Therefore, it is a good idea to begin by collecting all important items in a single place, including paperwork like birth certificates, passports, legal documents, and medical records. It may also be helpful to have a designated place for medications, hygiene products, basic clothing, dishes, and other things your loved one uses in daily life. 

Divide Objects into Categories 

The simplest place to start is looking at items and deciding whether they should be kept, stored, sold, or thrown away. Items to keep are anything your loved one uses regularly, while items to store are things he or she only uses occasionally. Objects your loved one does not need can be sold or donated if they are in good condition, and items in poor condition may need to be thrown away. Make sure to include your parent in this process and ask for his or her opinion instead of making all the decisions yourself. 

Being involved in the downsizing process allows older adults to feel connected and in control, which can stave off emotional health conditions such as depression. There are a variety of age-related health conditions that can make it more challenging for seniors to live independently. However, many of the challenges they face can be easier to manage if their families opt for professional home care. Omaha families can rely on expertly trained caregivers to keep their loved ones safe and comfortable while aging in place.

Store Unnecessary Items 

Renting a storage unit can be an easy compromise if your loved one is stubborn about the idea of downsizing. You can use the storage unit to hold furniture that will not fit in your loved one’s new home or belongings he or she no longer has a use for. Knowing treasured belongings are being safely stored may give your loved one peace of mind, and putting unneeded items in storage can clear up some much-needed space. 

Give Away Extra Objects 

For many seniors, the idea of tossing out objects that hold precious memories can be very grim. Many seniors find it more cheerful to downsize when they know their belongings are going to someone who will appreciate and use them. Suggest donating the items to a charity so your loved one can enjoy the idea of helping others while downsizing.

Downsizing can be an emotional experience for seniors. It is important to make sure your loved one has the support he or she needs to remain happy and healthy. In Omaha, home care agencies can be a great boon to seniors. With the help of the caregivers at Home Care Assistance, your aging loved one can lead a happier and healthier life. We offer a revolutionary program called the Balanced Care Method, which encourages seniors to eat nutritious foods, exercise and socialize regularly, and focus on other lifestyle factors that increase life expectancy. For more information on how a professional caregiver can be of assistance to your loved one, call us at (402) 249-0204 today.

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