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Handling Caregiver Criticism When You’re the Subject

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Being a caregiver can be tough, and you will probably face your share of criticism. Sometimes it will be family members who believe they know better caregiving methods, but sometimes you may receive critiques from strangers or even friends. Critics can cause plenty of stress for caregivers, but it’s important to learn how to shield yourself from these comments. Here are some suggestions from the professional caregivers at Home Care Assistance in Omaha, NE, for dealing with any criticism you might face.

Use “I” Statements

Use an “I” statement to express how the criticism makes you feel rather than using an accusatory “you” statement. This may help de-escalate the situation and prevent an argument.

Don’t Give an Immediate Response

Sometimes it’s best to give yourself time to reflect on your feelings without responding with anger or hurt. If you feel like the conversation will upset you, let your critic know you will consider what he or she said and discuss it with him or her later.

Consider the Intent

Sometimes it helps to take time to consider your critic’s intent. Sometimes a critic means to help but unintentionally sound harsh or insensitive. Some people, however, will give you advice as a thinly veiled insult. When you find yourself being criticized, consider the motivation behind it.

Preempt Critics and Ask for Advice

Instead of preparing yourself for unsolicited advice, try asking for suggestions or advice regularly. This will help family members and friends feel acknowledged and prevent misunderstandings.

Allow Yourself to Vent

Sometimes you can’t say exactly what you feel to a critic, but that doesn’t mean you should hold it inside. If you can’t agree or have a reasonable conversation with the other person, take it up with a support group, caregiver forum, or with friend.

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