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How To Help Seniors Lower Their Fall Risks

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Superior senior care services. Compassionate and experienced caregivers. The comfort of home. There is nothing too good for your senior loved one in home care! This absolutely includes ensuring their safety, which should be a top priority for seniors aging in the comfort of their own home. Fortunately, there are several steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of falling and other hazards. Read through our top 10 tips below and learn how you can best keep your senior safe in their home.

  1. Know Their Risk Factors. Schedule a doctor’s visit to assess any conditions such as vision impairment, arthritis, or memory loss that can increase their fall risk.
  2. Help Them Exercise. Building up muscle strength and endurance keeps your senior physically fit. A doctor can develop the proper exercise routine for your senior.
  3. Check for Issues with Balance. Disorders of the vestibular system are not uncommon and can cause issues with balance. Have a doctor perform a balance test on your senior.
  4. Get a Home Inspection. Get a fall-specific home inspection! Have a professional come out and assess your senior’s home for any fall risks and safety hazards.
  5. Review Their Medications. A review of your senior’s medications is worthwhile. A doctor can pinpoint any side effects that could possibly increase risk of a fall.
  6. Get Their Vision Checked Regularly. Frequent eye exams can ensure your senior’s vision is healthy and that they can clearly see their surroundings.
  7. Give Them Proper Nutrition. A nutrient-rich diet is key to building muscle and bone strength!
  8. Use Walking Aids. For seniors with mobility issues, a walker or cane can help keep them stabilized when on the move.
  9. Avoid Distracted Walking. Minimize any distractions by establishing a few rules while walking, such as no smart phones in hand.
  10. Home Care Services. For the ultimate peace of mind, consider home care services for your senior. Caregivers add to safety measures to keep your senior healthy and well.

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