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4 Effective Ways to Prevent Vision Loss

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While advances in modern technology may make life easier, they can also increase the risk of visual fatigue and subsequent eye problems in later years. Spending an extensive amount of time in front of computer screens, TVs or smartphones can diminish the quality of your loved one’s eyesight. Aside from proper diet and rest, there are a few physician-recommended techniques Omaha respite caregivers can try with their loved ones to maintain and improve visual acuity. Perform the following eye exercises with your loved one first thing in the morning or before going to bed at night.

1. Apply Warmth

Begin your eye exercise routine by applying warmth to the area. Rub clean hands together so the friction generates heat. Gently cup each hand over each closed eye for five approximately five seconds or until the heat subsides. Repeat the process three more times for optimal results. 

2. Roll the Eyes

While rolling your eyes in public is often viewed as disrespectful, the practice actually has positive effects for your eye muscles. Keep your head still and move the eyes upward. Slowly turn your gaze clockwise until completing a full circle. Repeat the process 10 times. Complete this exercise by performing the same exercise counterclockwise 10 times. 

3. Focus on Objects

Hold a pen, pencil or similar object at arm’s length. Focus both eyes on the object. Now, slowly bring the object closer until it is about six inches from your nose. Slowly move the object backward until it is once again at arm’s length. Perform the exercise 10 times to improve your visual acuity. 

4. Massage the Eyes

Using the knuckles of your thumbs, slowly and gently massage your temples in small circles. Make 20 circles in one direction then repeat the process in the opposite direction. Perform the same exercise above the midway point of the eyebrows. From here, move the exercise to either side of the bridge of the nose.

There are many things that can diminish your loved one’s eyesight, but these useful exercises can help improve visual acuity. You can learn more about senior health and wellbeing by calling Home Care Assistance in Omaha, NE, at (402) 249-0204. We are a leading provider of home care that encourages seniors to adopt healthy lifestyle choices including nutritious diet and regular exercise. Set up a complimentary consultation with a friendly Care Manager today and learn how we can help your loved one age in place with dignity.

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