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Natural Remedies for Everyday Arthritis Pains

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Did you know that one of the most common conditions affecting the senior population is arthritis? In fact, approximately 23% of the adult population, or almost 54 million people, have been diagnosed with arthritis in the United States. As a leading Omaha home care agency, we understand that living with arthritis is more than managing minor aches and pains; for many seniors, the degenerative disease can be debilitating.

In addition to a doctor recommended care plan, we believe a holistic approach to care at home can be very beneficial for seniors with arthritis. To help you or a loved one ease arthritis pain, check out these simple tips that don’t require pills or prescriptions:

  • Daily exercise

    Calming workouts like yoga or tai chi combined with brisk walks and stretching can ease inflammation and joint pressure.

  • Hot and cold compress

    When you start to feel pain, apply an ice pack for 15 minutes and then move to a hot compress or a hot bath for 15-30 minutes.

  • Fish oil

    Taking a fish oil supplement every day could reduce the frequency of flare ups and also help prevent morning stiffness.

  • Eastern medicine

    Traditional Chinese medicine like acupuncture and herbal therapy, have proven to work wonders for some arthritis sufferers.

  • Massage

    Either self-massaging your inflamed area or going to see a professional masseuse or physical therapist can provide both immediate and long term management of pain.

If arthritis pain is making everyday tasks unmanageable for you or an aging loved one, consider help from an Omaha live-in caregiver. Home Care Assistance caregivers are skilled, compassionate and available to help with everything from cleaning and cooking to physical therapy and transportation twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

To find out if an hourly or live-in caregiver would be right for you contact Omaha Home Care Assistance today at 402-0763-9140 to speak with a Care Manager.

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