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Planning a Funeral with Your Senior Loved One

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Planning a loved one’s funeral may not be a pleasant task, but it’s something most people will one day need to face. Though it’s sad think about, discussing funeral plans with your elderly loved one can make the task much easier when the time does come. Remember that a funeral is about celebrating your parent’s life as opposed to mourning the loss of your loved one. Omaha Home Care Assistance understands the difficulty in planning your loved one’s funeral and hopes to make the process a little easier by offering these questions for your senior parent to consider while organizing the service.

How Much Religious Involvement Do You Want?

For those who aren’t religious, it may be hard to remember to ask about this, and those who are might get overwhelmed organizing denominationally specific details. Ask your loved one about favorite hymns, scriptures, or religious traditions like rites or prayers he or she may want included during the service or burial.

What Kind of Service Would You Like?

Nowadays, funeral services are diverse and unique. While some people prefer a traditional ceremony, others may wish to have a celebration of life that emphasizes the positive aspects of their personality. Remember to ask your loved one if he or she has specific wishes about viewings or wakes in addition to whether he or she plans on being buried or cremated.

Who Should Be Involved?

Many people want to honor certain friends or family members by asking them to have a part in the funeral service. Encourage your loved one to choose who should speak at the service, who will preside over the funeral, who should act as pallbearers, and who he or she might want to mention in an obituary.

Is There Money Saved for the Funeral?

Finances can be a touchy subject, especially in regards to funerals, but putting a financial strategy together with your loved one will make it easier to make arrangements in the future. It’s a good idea to find out if he or she has put away money for a funeral or if there are any remaining debts to pay off. Knowing ahead of time can prevent any unfortunate or uncomfortable issues arising while making funeral arrangements.

Planning a loved one’s funeral can be difficult for caregivers of senior family members, but with the right questions and organization, you can plan for the future while still enjoying quality time with your loved one. To make the most of your time together, consider passing your caregiving responsibilities onto a professional caregiver from Omaha Home Care Assistance. In addition to our Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke, and respite care, we also offer customized live-in care in Omaha. Learn more about our care services by calling 402.736.9140 and speaking with a compassionate Care Manager.

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