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Promote Mental and Physical Health for Seniors with These Activities

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The key to a long, fruitful life well into the senior citizen years is maintaining a lifestyle that keeps both the body and the mind active and entertained. Too often, seniors spend their twilight years doing little more than lying in bed watching television or other passive activities that do little to promote good health. Simple daily exercise, for both the body and the mind, can help slow the onset of diseases and keep mind and body sharp.

Senior Activities for the Body

At Home Care Assistance in Omaha, our caregivers engage seniors with physical activities whenever possible. Simply getting up and moving around for 30 minutes every day, broken up into shorter blocks if necessary, goes a long way toward promoting total health and helping the body fight illness.

Vegetable gardening can be a great way to enjoy light-to-moderate physical exercise, while meditating and working toward a finished product with a real sense of accomplishment behind it. For light sports, try the Italian bocce ball and swimming. Seniors can enjoy cooking meals with their in home caregivers, which promotes good health and a balanced diet.

Senior Activities for the Mind

Perhaps the best way to keep the mind engaged, regardless of age, is through creative pursuits like painting, writing and music making. With in-home care, seniors are encouraged toward creative expression, helping keep the mind sharp and fostering a positive sense of accomplishment when a creative drawing is completed and shared.

Other great activities to keep the mind sharp include games like chess and poker, reading books rather than watching television and surfing the internet. Seniors are often not given enough credit; their age does not prevent them from new pursuits like learning how to make a video with a digital camera or enjoying video chat with loved ones.
Our mission at Home Care Assistance is to “change the way the world ages.” Our caregivers provide in home care for seniors promoting optimal health through physical exercise, a balanced diet and social interaction. Call 402 763-9140 today for a happier and healthier life for seniors at home.

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