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Local Senior Art Programs

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Planning fun and beneficial activities for older loved ones can be both challenging and frustrating. There is a struggle between the desire to provide meaningful and enriching experiences and the apprehension of making loved ones feel helpless or incapable. However, one thing that people of any age and ability can enjoy is art.

The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America has studied art programs and highly recommends them senior adults regardless of their cognitive abilities. According to their website, “When Alzheimer’s disease strips individuals of verbal skills, this recreational activity provides an alternative means by which they can express themselves in a non-threatening and comfortable way. And it can also help individuals recover the use of motor skills in the same manner as physical rehabilitation.” With the help of an in-home Omaha Alzheimer’s caregiver, seniors can attend various art therapy programs and classes as a way to stimulate and strengthen their memory and non-verbal communication skills.

Established to provide a source of creativity and mental stimulation, these local classes allow seniors an opportunity to express themselves in new ways while socializing, receiving encouragement, and obtaining a sense of pride and purpose along the way.

  • The Joslyn Art Museum offers adult & teen classes in a variety of techniques including drawing, painting, acrylics and photography.  Fall classes start as early as September 4.
  • The Art Room provides classes in watercolor and acrylic painting for people of all skill levels. They even have sewing classes and “coffee and canvas” gatherings.
  • Omaha Creative Institute provides multiple workshops on a variety of topics in a more formal setting. Join in on their fun classes like origami making, knitting, watercolor, or lampwork bead making! There diverse classes will challenge both beginners and expert artists.
  • The Painter’s Nook provides weekly classes for beginners to advanced students in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Finding a program that your loved one enjoys and is comfortable with may take some trial and error, but in the end, the payoff can be well worth the effort. If your aging loved one is hesitant about trying one of these classes alone, accompany them and partake in the fun or enlist the help of an hourly Omaha caregiver who would be happy to provide transportation and escort them to the workshop.

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