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Dementia Care Services from Home Care Assistance in Omaha, NE

Dementia Care Services for Seniors and Families in Omaha, NE

Dementia is a cognitive disease that impacts millions of seniors in the United States. Since there is no cure for dementia, caregivers have to manage symptoms over time. Usually, through the support of family members, older adults who suffer from dementia can continue to live at home.

But what if your loved one requires more time than you can give them?

Home Care Assistance in Omaha, NE offers specialized dementia care services to support family caregivers. Our caregivers can be there to assist your loved one with their daily needs, and help you better understand your role as their familial caregiver.

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Aging in Place With Dementia

With a helping hand, it is very possible for those with dementia to thrive at home.


Most every older adult prefers to age in the comfort of their home. Living in a familiar space can also be especially beneficial for seniors with a dementia diagnosis, reducing the anxiety and confusion associated with the disease.

How do dementia care services help?

  • Set up a powerful routine that includes memory exercises
  • Monitoring of disease progress or behavior changes
  • Running errands, help take them to important appointments
  • Personal care and housekeeping services
  • Respite for family members acting as familial caregivers
  • Professional knowledge on how to work with a dementia patient

Where to Begin

Alzheimer’s and dementia are diseases that affect the entire family. As you live and care for your loved ones, your role will change as their disease develops.

It can take time to adjust to the diagnosis, and it is important to prepare for the future. Your senior will likely have trouble remembering new information or have difficulty planning and organizing.

Act now.

This is the best time to start your long-term planning. Make sure all legal documents are in order and there is a trusted member given the right to make future decisions on their financial or medical needs. If your senior is in the early stages of their diagnosis, this is the time to consider a home care plan.

How to Find Support

Though the disease poses many challenges, what counts the most is that we strive to capture and cherish every moment of laughter and joy. Home Care Assistance of Omaha is here to assist you and your loved one every step of the way. Know that you are doing the best for them and yourself.

But most importantly, know that you’re not alone.

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