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Senior Health: Happy and Healthy to 102?

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Is your goal is to be happy and healthy to 102, and to live at home through your aging process? How will you do it?  “Stay healthy” probably comes to mind, but is that possible?  What does it mean anyway?

Certainly staying healthy is a complex goal. Research tells us our genes account for one-third of our health and longevity and our lifestyle choices account for two-thirds.  Depending on what you’ve been doing to yourself, that’s either good news or bad news.  Home Care Assistance in Omaha is working towards changing the way the world ages. Through our Omaha home care services, we are helping seniors live a balanced lifestyle and improving their quality of life. Regardless of how you are currently living your life, start from where you are, to live the best life you can.


It reduces your risk of Alzheimer’s, cardiac disease, stroke, diabetes, colon cancer, and bone loss. Start today, at whatever level you’re at, and do more.  Need more convincing?  When older adults stop putting stress and strain on their muscles and bones through exercise, they become frail.  Frail people are much more likely to fall and need long-term nursing care in a rehabilitation hospital.

Eat right

A variety of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains make up a healthy diet. Frozen is okay.  Low-fat, low-sodium frozen meals beat fast food.  Shore up your bones and take calcium citrate supplements because they are easier to absorb than calcium carbonate.

Go to the doctor

Take your meds as prescribed.  This is cheaper in the long run than skipping either a doctor visit or medication since you will be healthier and need less medical care overall.  You’ll also feel better, so you’ll be less likely to be depressed and socially withdrawn.

Maintain a healthy weight

This helps you avoid diabetes and heart disease while saving you money in food, clothing, medical bills and insurance costs.  You’ll live healthier, need less medical care, and have a better quality of life.

In an Omaha World-Herald article on healthy living, Dr. Rebecca Reilly, Senior Service Director at Methodist Hospital in Omaha, said, “Among older adults, the lack of exercise and poor nutrition contribute to frailty.  People who are frail tend to get sick and die (more frequently and earlier than healthy people).”  I’m planning for healthy longevity!  If you’d like to learn more, here’s a great book: Happy to 102, the Best Kept Secrets to A Long and Happy Life is an award winning book with great information on healthy longevity.

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