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Population Projections for Seniors by Race [Infographic]

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It is estimated that the population of seniors aged 60 or older will dramatically increase by 2050, with many reaching 100 years old. Researchers say to achieve greater longevity, regardless of factors like race, it is a combination of lifestyle factors and attitude.  When we say lifestyle, we are referring to a series of well-balanced habits that consist of hard work, intellectual challenges, and abundant energy that contribute to a positive attitude and a willingness to overcome obstacles associated with aging.     

At Omaha Home Care Assistance, we’ve created the proprietary Balanced Care Method, a program based on research indicating an individual’s longevity may rely heavily upon genetics and lifestyle choices, with lifestyle accounting for two-thirds. Through the Balanced Care Method, seniors learn the necessary components of wellness and longevity by adopting a nutritious diet, exercising their minds and bodies, engaging socially with peers, and maintaining a lifelong sense of purpose.  These lifestyle choices may explain the projected population increase of seniors by 2050. For more detailed information on the population projection by race, check out the following infographic.Population Projections by Race and Hispanic

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