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Sharing an Aging Loved One’s Story

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Today’s baby boomers — our aging parents, grandparents and relatives have amazing stories to tell. They witnessed and participated in some of the greatest social changes in the country’s history from the Civil Rights Movement to the Women’s Movement. The age group is classified as valuing ownership, prosperity, health and wellness, and many are often goal-oriented, confident and hardworking.

At Home Care Assistance Omaha, we’re encouraging families to reach out to their loved ones this holiday season; to listen to their stories and share them with younger generations, helping to keep family traditions and values alive. Here are a few tips on how you can record your aging loved one’s story this year.

  • Decide on a Topic

    Your loved one has a lifetime of stories, but you will need to narrow down your focus for this project. One idea is to focus on a time period like childhood, adolescence or adulthood. You also can focus on a specific event such as their courtship and wedding.

  • Prepare to Record the Story

    After deciding on a topic, you’ll want to pick how you’re going to relay the story to others. Whether by video recording or a scrapbook, try to get younger members of the family involved. This is a great way to get the family together and often leaves aging loved ones feeling spirited and valued, while kids enjoy insight into their family history.

  • Interview your Loved One

    To have a successful interview, create an outline and write up a list of questions that you or another family member can ask your aging loved one. As the interview progresses, there will likely be a handful of side stories ranging from personal experiences to stories about other members of the family. Oftentimes, everyone involved learns at least one thing new about their family’s history.

  • Create the Story

    Creating the story is a fun project for kids as they can choose music and titles to add to video projects and can be in charge of decorating written stories or scrapbooks. After the final project is complete, you can share the documents with close friends, family and even your aging loved one’s caregiver, allowing people to learn a little more about your parent or grandparent.

If you or an aging loved one need a bit of extra help this holiday season, click here to learn about our part-time hourly care services for seniors and families in Omaha. In addition to providing exceptional care to older adults, we can take care of light housekeeping, meal preparation and errands so you can spend time with your family to make new memories.

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