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Important Dos and Don’ts of Stroke Home Care

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People often find themselves thrust into the role of in-home Omaha caregiver when a senior has a stroke. With all of the physical and emotional changes seniors experience after a stroke, it’s important for family caregivers to understand and adapt to them. Consider these essential dos and don’ts while caring for a senior who experienced a stroke.

Prepare for Emotional Changes

The hardest part of adapting to post-stroke care in Omaha, NE, is all of the emotional changes your loved one might experience. Understand that you are not talking to the person before the stroke. Stay calm and focus on the here and now, and try to be empathetic to your loved one’s needs. Getting frustrated only leads to more frustration for you and your senior loved one.

Control Water Temperatures

Seniors who have had a stroke may have trouble feeling water temperatures or controlling it. Therefore, go to the water heater and turn down the temperature. This eliminates the chance that your loved one might accidently get burned.

Create Wide Paths

If the stroke has left the senior with mobility issues, then make sure that he or she can get around the home easily. Pick up throw rugs off the floor as the senior may have trouble raising his or her feet and trip on the rugs. Open up hallways and other areas so that wheelchairs can easily fit through if necessary.

Do Not Isolate Yourself

Family caregivers often find that taking care of the senior is very time consuming. Do not become so focused on that task that you isolate yourself from others. Find a trusted friend that you can talk to about how you are feeling regularly. Seek professional help from a trusted Omaha, NE, home care agency if needed to give yourself time away. Join online support groups so that you can communicate with others who have experience with being the family caregiver.

Caring for a senior who has had a stroke can be a very trying experience. For information about things to do or to get help for your loved one, contact Home Care Assistance at (402) 249-0204. We provide premier stroke care to help seniors age in place while giving caregivers some peace of mind. Let us customize a unique care plan to meet your loved one’s needs when you call.

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